Massage Services

The ultimate in your self-care routine! Treat yourself to a relaxing massage with one of our experienced massage therapists. Offered in 60 or 90-minute sessions. You can also add a 45-minute salt therapy session before or after your massage for $20.

Relaxation Massage

Utilizing relaxing, gentle strokes in light to medium pressure this classic Swedish massage will increase circulation, soothe tired muscles, and induce an overall sense of relaxation.

60 Minutes – $65

90 Minutes – $95

Hot Salt Stone Massage

This Himalayan salt stone massage delivers an ocean of healing energy and nutrients to the body from the primal sea. Salt alkalizes the skin and replenishes and nourishes your skin and body with 84 minerals. This massage is lightly exfoliating, highly relaxing and balances and neutralizes the ill effects of the toxic frequencies we live with every day.

60 Minutes – $75

90 Minutes– $110

Medical Massage

Medical massage addresses the specific cause of pain through thorough assessment & applied orthopedic techniques. Medical massage is perfect for clients dealing with chronic pain from an injury that was previously diagnosed and treated by a physician. Neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and rehabilitative stretching are usually combined to produce an optimal pain management system for your body. Some conditions that medical massage address include: Tennis & Golfers elbow, sciatic nerve pain, carpal tunnel, migraines, muscle spasms, and sinus pressure.

60 Minutes – $75

90 Minutes – $110

Thai Herbal Massage

Deeply relax, relieve stress and fatigue with a Thai herbal massage. During this session, the therapist uses a traditional blend of Thai herbs in a hot compress to rock, roll, twist and tap the muscle meridians of the body. Hot Thai herbal compresses are ideal for relaxing and de-stressing the body and soothing aches and pains. A real treat for stiff and sore muscles.

60 Minutes – $75

90 Minutes – $110

Thai Table Massage

Enjoy the warmth and soothing effects of hot herbal compresses and experience additional compressions, stretching, lengthening and movement of traditional Thai Massage. Ideal for more active or athletic individuals; Thai Massage compresses, pushes, pulls, stretches and moves the recipient to decompress both body and mind. Clients leave feeling relaxed, balanced and rejuvenated. For this massage, the client remains dressed. Gym shorts/ yoga pants and a t-shirt/sports-tank are recommended.

60 Minutes – $75

90 Minutes – $110

Deep-Tissue Massage

This full-body deep-tissue massage targets the sub-layer of muscles to treat specific areas of discomfort and relieve areas strained by overuse. Especially helpful for tight, tired muscles after strenuous exercise.

60 Minutes – $75

90 Minutes – $110

Massage Add-on’s

Request any of these add-ons to your massage:

Essential oils – no additional charge

CBD Balm- High-potency balm is made with full-spectrum hemp extract high in CBD and supporting botanicals to soothe pain, sore muscles, sprains and bruises, stiff joints and promote skin circulation.– $10

Salt Therapy- Spend an additional 45 minutes in the salt room before or after your massage. – $20